overly attached ex-roommate


New track off of my debut full length album, Tight Eye Tie Dye.

Out this Sunday, May 4!

Preorder Tight Eye Tie Dye

This is my favorite song so far in 2014.

Highly, highly, highly recommended.

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First week in our new place / a rogue Phoenix dust storm

March 2014

I want to start documenting all the not-so-glamorous settings I end up having to work with at shoots.

Catering company’s back alley, 03/13/14

~ * TrU LuV * ~

~ * TrU LuV * ~



Zack & Jack: honorary Mckinley members.

some photos I took of some bros I love.

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Cameron: my guiding light

"Girl here’s my number here’s my address here’s my ring finger."


"He said we needed to spend more time together and I was like, “I’m sorry, the expansion came out and I’m busy.”"

Cameron & WoW: an unbreakable bond

  • HAILEY: Sorry for getting crabby, guys.
  • ZACK: I tried to draw in your bellybutton while you were asleep. Your crabbiness is kind of justified.