so anyway, we’re engaged.
adulthood sneaks up on’s pretty cool.

so anyway, we’re engaged.

adulthood sneaks up on you.
it’s pretty cool.

First week in our new place / a rogue Phoenix dust storm

March 2014

I want to start documenting all the not-so-glamorous settings I end up having to work with at shoots.

Catering company’s back alley, 03/13/14

~ * TrU LuV * ~

~ * TrU LuV * ~



Zack & Jack: honorary Mckinley members.

some photos I took of some bros I love.

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The Narcissus shoot began as it always does, at our kitchen table. We were brainstorming ideas for our October shoot and came up with the idea of drawing inspiration from historical women and creating a shoot to express the variations of femininity of each.

I had been wanting to photograph Hailey in front of a floral background for some time, but I hadn’t found the right floral backdrop. So, why not paint it myself? The Narcissus shoot was the perfect way bring this old idea to light.

Stretching a 30x24.5 sheet of Arches paper was my start to this assignment. Stretching involves steps; first, it’s a process of soaking the newly bought paper in my bathtub for about 5 minutes. Then with a dry clean sponge, I stretch the paper with long strokes of the sponge until it’s dry. It’s suggested that you buy a cheap board of plywood to have by the tub to make it easier (and safer to prevent damage to the delicate paper) to do the last steps, but why spend money when I can make a mess and speed walk the delicate paper to the kitchen table (there’s that table again) while mumbling “it’s fine it’s fine it’s fine.”  

A couple days later, I started drawing out the floral on the paper. I hadn’t a clue what I wanted to do, but once I started sketching, the pattern came together. Due to deadlines and previous engagements, I didn’t start painting until two days before the shoot. Needless to say, I was a bit stressed but excited to do it for the shoot come Saturday. I started Thursday night, and finished it Friday after work. I painted away! and got it done with a large sigh and a bit of whiskey.

Paper: Arches 140lb

Paint: Winsor & Newton: Colors: Permanent Sap Green, Olive Green, Yellow Ochre, Rose Dore, White (Opaque White), Black.

Brushes: Loew Cornell angle brush and a 1/16” 

View the full project at mckinleyco

Another thank you to Mignonne Handmade for their beautiful head pieces.

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We posted our second project as Mckinley Collective the other day. Follow this link to see the full image set “Narcissus”.

sup, tumblr.

Two of my friends and I have started a side project called Mckinley Collective. We’ll be posting one photo/branding project per month, and in between will make mini-posts to tumblr, instagram and twitter with behind the scenes photos and technical details. Hailey does all the wardrobe and styling work, I’m in charge of photography, and Kendra is our renaissance woman designer, illustrator, code writer etc. She created a really gorgeous website for us, and you should go check it out.

Cameron: my guiding light

"Girl here’s my number here’s my address here’s my ring finger."


"He said we needed to spend more time together and I was like, “I’m sorry, the expansion came out and I’m busy.”"

Cameron & WoW: an unbreakable bond

  • HAILEY: Sorry for getting crabby, guys.
  • ZACK: I tried to draw in your bellybutton while you were asleep. Your crabbiness is kind of justified.

Zack & Hailey: newly engaged

  • HAILEY: I like flossing.
  • ZACK: Bullshit, you floss
  • HAILEY: TAKE A DICK. I floss all the time.